Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flame On!

Two key pitchers (Smoltz and Soriano) are making their spring training debut today. In honor of these two flamethrowers, let's check up on past flamethrowers:

Wickman was cut last year after Adam Dunn's HR. Then he signed with AZ but he is currently a free agent. Rumor has it he will sign with the Florida Manatees as their closer. More details to come!

Kolb was invited to BoSox camp this spring. With the departure of Eric Gagne, Boston is looking for a new reliever to implode in the 8th inning and Kolb is the man to do it.

Reitsma was cut by the Mariners last season but was re-invited to Spring Training this season. I have nothing else to say about Chris Reitsma.

This list will be updated all throughout the weekend. Plenty more dead arms to come!


Kyle James said...

I don't really have anything bad to say about Reitsma or Wickman... but Kolb... what a joke!

Corey Bishop said...

Kolb was cut.