Monday, May 12, 2008

Belated Mother's Day Story

(from left) his mother, Mariluz Almenares, sister Yunay and wife Minerva.

Before the Braves start they're double-header, in honor of Mother's Day here's a story about Yunel Escobar and his mother. If anything it should open up our eyes and help us realize that living in the US of A ain't so bad....... no matter how many road games the Braves lose.

UPDATE: I've been informed that it is now EX-wife Minerva. Now that Yunel is big time I guess he's opted to sew his royal oats.


Lauren T. said...

Now "ex-wife Minerva", sadly.

RehabReject (Miami, FL) said...


Lauren T. said...

It was in the April '08 Chop Talk, just a one-sentence mention that he got divorced in the off-season.