Friday, June 20, 2008

At least we're not the Pirates.. YET

This story made me feel a tad better. Apparently one of our "aces" could've been had for much less than Renteria. If the Pirates weren't such a joke, we would not have met our Curacaoaoian quota. OH NOEZ!!1


From the What Might've Been File: the Tigers offered Jair Jurrjens for Jack Wilson about a year ago. Nice to see that .500 will not be a goal for the Bucs, by the way.

Detroit offered Jair Jurrjens for Jack Wilson just last July (2007). And the Tigers were not blind to Jurrjens, either. Even at the time, Detroit really liked him and saw him as being ready for the majors very, very soon.

So in essence, Atlanta received a decent pitcher and super Gorkys because the Pirates are silly.

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