Monday, April 21, 2008

I Went To A Braves Game That Had More Than 4,000 People

During my time away, I did a lot of traveling and lo and behold I found myself driving through downtown Atlanta. I attended my first game at Turner Field on Friday (reminder: I live in Miami). Here's what I remember from the experience:

- Braves fans are weird. They will boo just about anybody (Andruw, Glavine, etc) that isn't in a Braves uniform anymore.

- Braves fans like to drink and be sloppy. While waiting in line to buy tickets, the #44 shrine to Hank Aaron was covered in beer cans and filth. It was kind of sad to see his number trashed.

- FEMALE Braves fans like attention. Other than the ladies at Braves Love and Velcro Vernacular and their respectives friends and families, female Braves fans are attention-greedy posers. During the whole bit between innings where the fans dance and they are put up on the jumbo screen for everyone to see I saw a girl take a picture of HERSELF. Somewhere out there is a girl with a picture of herself taking a picture of the jumbo screen while she is ON the jumbo screen. Wow.

Other quick notes:
- Andruw and Furcal colliding on a pop-up was not as funny as I thought it'd be.
- I used to hate Boyer but now I think he's OK. He throws pretty hard so good for him. Acosta is OK in my book now too.
- I like the way Blanco and Kotsay play in the OF. Very smooth.

All in all it was a good experience. This write-up of the Turner Field experience is pretty much what I experienced.

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Lauren T. said...

The girls at Braves games give the rest of us a bad name. I'm not there to show the stadium my boobies; I'm there to watch the game. I learned my lesson about sitting close to the field during BP after last year's run-in with Creepy Tyler Yates. Ugh.