Friday, April 25, 2008

TBAATIL delivers yet again with the Smoltz interviews (naked Julio Franco included)

Click here for an interview that John Smoltz did on 790AM The Ticket in Miami, FL. A little background info on the interview:

-Smoltz plays golf with Tiger Woods (duh)

-Smoltz and the host Dan LeBatard are pretty good friends. Smoltz refers to himself as an Atlanta brave while LeBatard is a Florida coward. Nice little play on words.

-The last few minutes with the Julio Franco story is a staple of 790 The Ticket. They play that story all the time. It is hilarious. Listen to it a few times because the guy's accent is tough to understand at times.

-Jon Sciambi used to have a show on 790 The Ticket but he quit in order to focus on baseball.

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