Saturday, February 16, 2008

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged by Tim at Rain Delay so here we go:

1. I played baseball for El Salvador’s national team and traveled to places like Cuba, Mexico, D.R., etc.. Currently I play in Miami in the same independent league that sprouted some MLB players such as Ronnie Belliard, Placido Polanco, and new Yankee reliever Edwar Ramirez (his changeup is absolutely ridiculous).

2. My favorite band is Green Day. .. but don’t judge me. I used to be a fan wayyy before they started wearing eyeliner and playing in every 10-year-old’s iPod.

3. I became a Braves fan thanks to TBS. Growing up outside the US, our cable company carried American channels such as TBS, WGN, and KTLA. The Cubs sucked, and the Dodgers just rubbed me the wrong way. Then Sid Bream chugging home sealed the deal for me.

4. In my spare time, I ref soccer, football, and baseball. If any of you play competitive sports, here’s some advice: Refs have feelings too! You’re bound to get more calls your way if you’re not an a-hole.

5. My favorite movie is The Fifth Element. It has everything! -- action, comedy, drama, and the best taxi chase scene ever.

and now for the tags: JMU Dreamscape, and Lauren T.

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Kyle James said...

Well one thing I don't know is how to contact you? Anyways I'm setting up an Atlanta Braves blog syndicate site and would like to talk with you about adding your site. Please contact me back at so we can talk. Thanks.