Monday, February 4, 2008

One Heaping Spoonful of McCann

Bradley McCann.

Here's a story from last season regarding the McCanns. They really make Brad out to be a whiny little emo jerk: Jet-black hair, Ralph Lauren shirts, and many unpleasant "Bradjectives" like greedy, bitter, hotheaded, and AWOL.

Maybe he can find some inner peace if he figures out where he was born. FL or WV?

His minor league stats show him to be an all-or-nothing hitter. Look at that sweet batting stance, though. He looks like Heap messing around in practice batting right-handed.

Anyway, I will definitely be looking out for him in Spring Training. I just need to figure out whose system he's in..... FL or KC?

In other news, a projected lineup has been posted and I had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.


Anonymous said...

he's in kansas city's

RehabReject said...

hehe, yeah i know. just trying to poke fun of his career so far.

Jenny said...

He's such a doomed a Byronic hero. I'm sure he'll go off to fight in a Greek civil war any day now.

Or maybe he'll show up on Pros vs. Joes, which I guess is the modern equivalent of a Greek civil war.