Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quick Hits

- Aybar trade is starting to look good right about now , though we might have another booze hound on our team. Thanks a lot, wifey!

- Kids say the darndest things -- BRAVES STYLE

- Andruw's house still worth millions after dumping off his .222AVG/.311OBP at goodwill.

- Braves games at Turner Field are full of bad experiences. Then there are so-bad-you-can't-look-away experiences:


Jenny said...

As soon as I read "booze hound" and "thanks a lot, wifey," I assumed you were talking about Frenchy.

Lauren T. said...

The guys in the video are dancers with the Atlanta Ballet -- they put on quite a show in '06 in the RF bleachers. (They are also season ticket holders.) The AJC ran a couple of articles on the guys. They were baseball players who started taking ballet to improve their flexibility and balance, and they realized that ballet class was a much better place to meet girls than the little league diamond, so they stuck with ballet...but they still love baseball, obviously.

I know way too much about randomness like that off the top of my head. :D